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Learning a foreign language is considered hard to most of us. Things get worse when you decide to learn a complicated, hard-to-study language. If you compared for example learning Italian or Spanish to learning Arabic, you will find out that learning Arabic is way harder. One might ask, why should I learn Arabic? Throughout this article, we will stand out for the top reasons that will get you interested in learning Arabic. What you need to do afterwards is to decide the best place where you can learn such a hard language in the easiest and entertaining way.


Arabic is currently the native spoken language of over 300 million speakers in 20 countries mostly in the Middle East. It is ranked among the top six of the world’s major languages. It belongs to the Semitic group of languages that includes also Hebrew and Amharic.

 Arabic has more than 30 dialects. Modern standard Arabic is used today in formal speech and in writing. Classical Arabic was used in the 7th to 9th centuries. Modern standard Arabic is based on its classical version. Differences between them are seen in simplification and modernization. Classical Arabic is the language of Quran. It was the dialect of Mecca. Mastering first the Modern Standard Arabic will help you read Quran accurately and fluently. You will also be able to understand most of it. However, to fully understand Quran, you will need to master both Modern Standard Arabic and Classical Arabic, in addition to Tafseer books and so on. There are some other local dialects that vary from a country to another. Egyptian, Moroccan, Algerian, Tunisian, and Iraqi are examples of these dialects.

If Arabic is that hard and has lots variances and dialects, why should I bother learning it? We are sure you came across the following Aya from the Holy Quran;

"بلسان عربي مبين"

This is a message to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and to you from Allah. This is the language used by Allah and His Angel Gabriel. Can you understand it without translation? What is the accuracy of the translator who translated it into your own language? Do you trust that the words used in your language delivered the message meant to you from Allah? 

The Ayah means in English that Quran has been sent down in perspicuous Arabic tongue. We can confirm from this Ayah that it is an obligation to learn Arabic so that you can understand the word of Allah without the need for a translator in the middle. This is how it is meant to be understood.

The same applies to Hadith and Sunnah (words and speeches of the Prophet PBUH). You will need to read and understand Hadith in the same language the Prophet PBUH said it. This will help you understand it clearly and properly.

One of the main reasons you need to learn Arabic for is your Salah (prayers). Are you really concentrating when Imam is reading Quran in Salah in Arabic while you do not understand Arabic? Would this be considered Khoshou? Understanding Arabic will help you increase devotion and spirituality. Whether, you are praying, reciting Quran, or listening to the Friday Speech, you will be in deep connection with Allah, without waiting for a translation.

Multiple other reasons are available that stresses on the importance of learning Arabic, however, we needed to stress on the above reasons as they are related to our religion which gives them the highest urgency.

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